NewJeans, a fresh face in the K-pop scene, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide since their debut in 2022. This five-member girl group, under ADOR and HYBE Labels, is known for their unique blend of pop and R&B influenced by 1990s music. Let's dive into the journey of NewJeans, from their impactful debut to their latest achievements.


Debut and Early Success: NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022, with members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. They made a surprising entry into the music world with their debut single "Attention," followed by the hit "Hype Boy." Their music, an easy-listening mix of pop and R&B, is inspired by the 1990s sound, setting them apart in the K-pop industry.

Name Significance: The group's name, "NewJeans," is a play on words, signifying both the timeless fashion of jeans and their ambition to create a lasting legacy in music. It also suggests the introduction of "new genes" into the pop music scene.

Record-Breaking Tracks and Awards: Their debut EP, released in August 2022, included the controversial yet popular single "Cookie." Despite some criticism, the group soared in popularity, winning numerous awards including Best K-pop Album at the Korean Music Awards. "Ditto," a track from their album "OMG," broke records on South Korea's Circle Digital Chart and marked their entry into international charts.

Collaborations and Recent Achievements: 2023 saw NewJeans collaborating with global brands like Coca-Cola and releasing hits like "Zero" and "Be Who You Are (Real Magic)." Their second EP, "Get Up," released in July 2023, further solidified their success, selling 1.65 million copies in its first week. Their foray into international events, including performances at Lollapalooza and the Summer Sonic Festival, marked a new chapter in their global outreach.


NewJeans is not just a new name in the K-pop industry but a symbol of innovation and freshness. With their unique style, significant collaborations, and record-breaking achievements, they have set a new standard for upcoming artists. As they continue to grow and evolve, NewJeans promises to be a name that will resonate for years to come in the world of music.